About Krissy

Real simple-Real estate.

Member of:

ABOR-Austin Board of Realtors

TAR-Texas Association of Realtors

NAR-National Association of Realtors


Hi!  I’m Krissy Shreeve, and I am a Realtor with Coldwell Banker, United Realtors-based out of my awesome hometown; Round KristinaShreeveRock, Texas.

I created this website for potential clients and customers to come and get a real look at all types of residential real estate.  Beyond listings and information on representation, I want to offer advice and tips for you buyer, sellers, and lessees.  I love to help people in all forms and will always got the extra mile to help my clients.  I will give my clients everything I have to give, with a side of humor. 🙂  Real estate investment in any form can seem like a daunting task–this is where I come in.

I spent years buying and selling homes with my parents growing up, and did my fair share of finagling real estate as an adult.   I grew up in New England-but moved between there Florida, Indiana (a town called Santa Claus-believe it), and a little bit of everywhere in between.  My husband and I, both who had grown up moving around A LOT (I like to to think it built character) decided that when we got married and wanted to start our family, the Austin area was where we wanted to plant our roots.  That’s exactly what we did–We took our time, leased while we did our research and saving, and then finally bought our amazing home in Round Rock in 2012.


The Austin Metro area is an amazingly diverse place to live–whether you want a funky, unique ranch in the city limits, a move-in ready in the Round Rock suburbs, or a spacious apartment down south–it’s out there!


Contact me today-and let’s talk!



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