Greater North Austin Market Update-June Edition!

Hey there my favorite real estate readers 🙂


So, I’m sure you’ve heard the Austin market is still the rager–and that’s great!  You may have even seen this graphic floating around the Facebook-sphere:




Woo-Hoo!  It’s an excellent overview of Austin as the ginormous entity it is–but what about up north?  Yes, these stats are great, and reflective of the market north of the city–but what are we really dealing with?   What do the stats looks like from town-to-town, or region to region?  What can you expect if you put your home on the market in Georgetown? Or what can you expect as far as pricing if you’re looking to buy in Round Rock?  Well, my loyal reader, I’ve put together a not-so-great looking graphic of my own here, excuse the lack of detail–I don’t have my editing software on my laptop, but wanted to get the information out ASAP.

North Austin Home Sale Stats



SELLERS: So, up north here–we’re still looking at an awesome market for you sellers’.  Sales prices are still increasing, and for the most part the homes are still going faster then they were last year at this time!  If you’re interested to know more about what your home could go for, contact me.

BUYERS:  Okay, yeah, it’s a little tough out there.  #1, Review my article on how to be a prepared buyer in a tough seller’s market and #2, Review my Series “How the heck do I buy a house?”:

Part I-Prepare

Part II-The Hunt

Part III-Offers

Part IV-Under Contract

AND-Part V-The Finale-Closing


It’s a lot, so grab a snack and read on–you’ll be happy you did once you get out there!


Let me know how it goes out there–Until next time….

Peace, Love, and House Keys,


Realtor Krissy


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