Thinking about selling? Here’s some quick tips to get ready!

I’ve been showing a lot of houses recently, and some are great…some others…I can’t imagine leaving my home that way on a daily basis, nonetheless when my home would be on the market.  I know how silly it sounds that some people can’t see past clutter, or personal knick-knacks-but the fact of the matter is–if you want your home to be shown, and you want offers (lease OR selling) there are two HUGE factors you need to remember:

1)Do not overprice your home-it doesn’t matter how good the market is, if you overprice your home, it will sit…and sit…and sit on the market.

And 2)Make sure your home shows well!

It’s been seen that homes in show-able staged condition, sell roughly 3-10% higher, and 60% faster then homes that aren’t…s0….

Here’s are some easy tips to get your home ready to be shown to hungry buyers!


1) Curb appeal, baby–What was it you saw about your home when you initially saw it that made you go, “Yeah, let’s look at that one!” ?  Make sure the house looks good from the street, and makes buyers want to pump the brakes in front of your home.  It doesn’t take much–mow the grass, replant some flowers, rip some weeds, and some fresh mulch always looks nice.  Some people will touch-up the paint on their patio, and some paint the door a contrasting color to stand out.  The standard used to be red if you wanted to sell your house–but I have seen some doors go to blue and green tones depending on the color of the home–and they look gorgeous.

Also, here in Texas fire ant hills go up pretty quickly–take care of those babies when you see ’em.



2)Clean it!–Pretty straightforward, but do it up right.  Dust the entire house and the tops of the furniture you haven’t seen in years.  Get down and scrub the tops baseboards.  Get the white doors and molding around them–I’m always surprised when I look closely how dirty those suckers can get (and all the doors in my house are WHITE!). That granite counter that’s so colorful, make sure you scrub it–sometimes those speckles hide stuck on food!  Corners behind decorations–get those cobwebs!  Sweep and mop all the hard floors (and I mean MOP, not swiffer!), vacuum carpets and use those attachments that you haven’t used in a year to get into the corners of the carpet.  Those clear shower doors and tubs–scrub them down.  The point is-make everything shiny for the possible buyers.  Even if the buyers are inherently tidy people, they still want to see/buy tidy homes.


3)Get rid of clutter/pictures–This one is hard for some folks.  Sometimes people are downright offended when it comes to taking down personalized decorations, and I get that, honestly.  When I was a kid and our Realtor asked that we take down all our family pictures, I had the attitude of “WELL, this is STILL my house!”  The thing is, people need to be able to picture living there, right?  Pictures of weddings for people they don’t know, or babies they’ve never met is something that can deter people, as silly as that sounds.  Momentos of your honeymoon in Europe, fridge magnents, and your kiddo’s drawings don’t mean anything to people who don’t know you-plain and simple. Sometimes, you do what you must to fulfill what you want to do in life.  So wrap them up, pop them in box and call it a day.  In the end, your house may sell faster because of your forward thinking and your ability to put emotion aside–and the pictures/momentos will still be there for your new home.

House clutter

Well….the cabinet wood seems nice…

This goes for extra furniture in the home-and if you’re 1) willing to pay for storage or 2) have the storage space in a garage-try to get the home staged with less furniture.  It opens up space and allows buyers to see the potential of that space(Do you see what I’m getting at here–we have got to be on the ‘what the buyer wants’ mindset’.  If you can go without it, get it out of the main living areas and store it.

4) Cast out the darkness!–You may like your black-out curtains, but a buyer may not.  I’m not saying you have to remove them, but if you know you’ve got buyers coming to look at the home–or an open house this weekend, open up those curtains, and pull up the blinds.  Let the light in.  In more interior rooms make sure all lights are on.

5) Sell those extra features–If you’ve got a pool, make sure you turn on any fountains/waterfalls that are within the pool–it makes people make that “Oooooo, Ahhhh” noise 🙂  Same goes for any fountains or water features in front of the home.  Open the hot tub and turn the jets on–make it bubbly.   Any special lighting you’ve had installed–make sure it’s on before buyers come over!   That formal dining area you never use (me neither), set it–get some plates, some rolled up cloth napkins, a centerpiece and maybe some candlesticks.PoolWaterfall

6) Get Fido or Mittens out–I know–I love animals, too, but here’s the deal.  Plenty of people don’t–they don’t have pets, they don’t want pets, they don’t want their children thinking the pets come with the house, people have crazy allergies–you see where I’m going here?  If you’re selling your house and you’ve got buyers coming–you’ve got to 1) Take them with you for a while, 2)Contain them to a garage or some crate within the house, or 3) Take them to a family/friend’s house for the time you are selling.  It stinks, I know–but if your pet is going to yelp for 20 minutes while buyers are trying to look at the house, they’re going to get annoyed, I promise you.  If one of them starts to sneeze because they can’t handle cat/dog danger–they won’t stay long enough to take in the all the greatness to your home.    Make sure litter boxes are taken care of, and the yard doesn’t have a mine field of doggy poo, too.  I haven’t heard once yet, “Remember that house with all the dog crap in the back?! That one-I’ll take it!”

7) Smell goods– Yes, you know, break out the ‘smell goods’.  Even if you don’t think your home needs it–it’s good to have a clean scent in the home for buyers.  I’m not suggesting you leave candles on in the home-but Febreze it up a bit before you leave for work or before buyers come for an appointment.  Something fresh like “Clean Cotton/Linen” is light enough to spruce it up without overpowering people.Febreze


Alright?  Sound good?  Let’s get you house SOLD! 🙂


Peace, love, and house keys,



Realtor Krissy


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