How the Heck Do I Buy a House-Part V-CLOSING aka The Grand Finale

Alright, so we’ve gone through it all to get to here–The Closing.

...The preciousss.....

…The preciousss…..

1) Go to closing!

If everything went relatively smoothly-you will end up here at the closing table with whomever you’re buying the property with and generally you’re Realtor.  If you’re wary of any of the paperwork, and you can afford an attorney to go through and triple-check it–I would do it.  I will say, most folks do opt out of this.

Basically, what’s going to go on here is that you and the home’s seller are going to sit down (sometimes at different times) on the date you agreed upon in the contract and ‘sign your life away.’  It’s a giant stack of paper that the title company has put together–it includes the mortgage documents, title paperwork (to make sure there are no other claims against the property), insurance, home warranties—it’s a lot.

You’ll want to bring a certified bank check–this would be for the down payment.  If your closing costs weren’t rolled into the loan/mortgage-you’ll want to bring a second bank check for those costs, as well.

For the mortgage, you can get with your mortgage lender and let them know they can wire the major funds to the chosen title company–that way you’re not carrying around a check for hundreds of thousands of dollars and a target on your back 😉


2) Get keys!

After you sign all the paperwork–they will slide you the keys.  It is at this point you might get heart palpitations, sweat, bounce in your seat or make inaudible high-pitched squeals.  You can totally do that. 🙂


3) Go to your new home, unlock the doors, and run around the entire living square footage. 

I’ll tell you what we did, we stopped got a bottle of wine and a loaf of Italian stick bread (a Sicilian tradition when you buy a new house)–went to the house, took silly pictures of us around the house, and then jumped in the pool.  No furniture moved in, but we wanted to stay in the new home so badly we broke out a blow-up mattress and a cooler for milk 🙂

And that’s it–I know-it seems like a long road, but once you’re enjoying your home a few months out, smiling coming through the door for what you’re working your butt off for, you’ll find home ownership is SOOOO worth it.





Realtor Krissy







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